Mail client follow-up

neilp at neilp at
Thu Sep 13 09:54:36 EST 2001

Hello Jeremy

I must admit PGP signing DOES bug me too (at the salt mine).
Yes the offending client is Outlook 98 v8.5.5

I use Netscape 4.77 at home as my main E-mail client and have
no problem preview/reading Jeremy's messages.

Unfortunately not everyone is in control of the Standard
Operating Environment they are supplied to access E-Mail
at the salt mine, so we have to put up with crap like Outlook.
This is why I have to use a web mail client (IMP) to post to
the list from the salt mine as well. (so don't expect this 
message to be correctly threaded.)

It was implied by one of your responses that there IS a way of
changing the preview behaviour for PGP in these wayward 
applications.  If this is so then don't keep it a secret.

Neil Pickford

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