asp, squid proxy error

Simon Haddon simon at
Wed Sep 12 06:41:40 EST 2001

Hi Steve,

I know this is not an answer but it might help.  I have a linux server 
with win98 desktops I also use Squid 2.4 stable and I have no problems 
viewing the pages.  From what you have described, the only difference is 
that you are using a 5.5 of ie (yes it does have some problems) and that 
adzapper program.

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On 11/09/01, 5:24:53 PM, Stephen Granger <linux-boy at> wrote 
regarding asp, squid proxy error:

> Hi all,

> this maybe off topic, sorry if I offend any true to the line, never 
stray, complete linux users. :-P

> I'm having trouble viewing a webpage through a number of browsers, EI 
5.5/win32, mozilla 9.3, Netscape 6.1/win32, Netscape 4.77/win32 . When I 
try and view a website, , specifically, , follow the commercial 
screens link from the intial page, I receive an error, Microsoft OLE DB 
Provider for ODBC Drivers '80040e37'  .
> This only happens when I direct my web browsers to use a proxy server to 
pass http and ftp content through. This proxy server is running SQUID 
> Know that when I remove the proxy setting from the browser, the page is 
able to show itself, no errors are reported.

> I've checked google, gives the microsoft tech solution... not what I 
need, typical microsoft help/solution... never really answers the question. 
(don't need to respond to this comment... :)

> Now I use adzapper, a squid redirect program with squid, I'm pretty sure 
this doesn't have any affect on viewing the page.

> There is a cookie sent, in the intial instant, something which I picked 
up on with lynx...

> search has something in the FAQ about secure asp 
sites... this site is not a secure site. Searching again gives nothing for 
the above error, asp error, or the error code alone.

> As you can probably guess, I've exausted most of my possibilities, and 
was hoping that some one might be able to suggest some other things.

> Steve

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