http downloading of big files

Mark Purcell mark at
Mon Sep 10 23:29:11 EST 2001

On Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 11:02:43PM +1000, simonb at wrote:
> well,
> im trying tow download a 50MB file
> with http...
> how can i get wget (or anything)
> to resume where it (inevitably) stoped
> last time?

Why don't you try `wget -c`

      -c --continue-ftp
              Continue  retrieval of FTP documents, from where it
              was left off. If you specify  "wget  -c  ftp://sun-
    ",  and there is already a
              file named ls-lR.Z in the current  directory,  wget
              continue  retrieval  from  the  offset equal to the
              length of the existing file. Note that you  do  not
              need  to  specify this option if the only thing you
              want is wget to continue retrieving where  it  left
              off when the connection is lost - wget does this by
              default. You need this option when you want to con-
              tinue   retrieval   of   a   file  already  halfway
              retrieved, saved by other FTP software, or left  by
              wget being killed. The -c option is also applicable
              for HTTP servers that support the `Range' header.


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