AT case + PS Wanted

Irena and Richard Jenkins rjenkins at
Sun Sep 9 17:35:39 EST 2001

I am in need of an AT case for my second computer.  The present 
problem with my mini-tower is that the power supply has become a 
little unreliable and the power switch is definitely faulty!  I 
shouldn't complain ... as the case is almost ten years of age ... and 
has had a hard life!!  It has been carted up and down to the coast, 
been reconfigured countless times ... and repaired as necessary.  It 
always was just a cheap case ... but it's now getting to be a problem.

The new case will stand on the floor under my desk ... so a larger 
model would be great!  I have two hard drives (3.5 in) and a CD-ROM 
... so there is not too much need for a server case.  Just another 
tower case would be wonderful.

Is there anything cluttering up your shack ... and in need of a trip 
to my house??


Irena and Richard Jenkins				       VK1NDV & VK1RJ
Canberra, Australia

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