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Steven Hanley sjh at
Sun Sep 9 18:12:51 EST 2001

On Sun, Sep 09, 2001 at 05:35:08AM +0000, Raphael Squire wrote:
> does anybody know if it is possible to run mac osX programs on linux

no it isnt.

although underneath macosx is darwin which is effectively freebsd, the stuff
that you see on the screen is mostly provided by closed source stuff sort of
like kernel modules that apple created anhd they provide the macosx
environment, basically they moved all the interestingparts of the Os (ie parts
that there is no technical documentation for and reverse engineering is
difficult, such as 3d drivers, a lot of the sound stuff, a lot of the multi
media stuff) into these closed modules which are not avaialble for download.

This has two consequences, it is not possible to provide some layer or
mechanism by which we can run macosx apps as they rely on an entire closed
system sort of like if the X Window system were a big black box no one knew
how to program for. And it means apple computers that run macox well may not
be able to run linux yet as there is no support for a lot of the hardware
(such as the nvidia cards in newer g4 desktops (although the support for
nvidia sucks in general on all linux platforms so there is no surprise here)

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