Microsoft break-up abandoned (fwd)

Gary Woodman antigramp at
Fri Sep 7 13:50:23 EST 2001

--- Jan Newmarch <jan.newmarch at> wrote:
> Lock your daughters up, the giant has been given permission to
> swallow everything in its path again. Still, I guess it means
> that there will still be a need for Samba :-)

And Linux :-)

I don't see anything panning out differently because of this. So there
is still only one juggernaut for the naive populace to throw themselves
under instead of two. Similarly with the HP/Compaq deal - as Ganesh
Prasad pointed out:
it is probably in Microsoft's interests to have one hardware division
instead of two.

It could work in our favour... MS will undoubtably take this legal
outcome as blanket approval for past and future behaviour, and seek new
heights of arrogance and avarice. As many people know, if you want a
revolution, you don't make things better, you make them worse.


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