Libc6 malloc bites?

Peter Barker pbarker at
Thu Sep 6 20:29:07 EST 2001

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001 jeremy at wrote:

> haven't been able to reduce it to a nice small test case. I also haven't
> had time to pull out electric fence and try it out.

I don't know what we upgraded, but some combination of perl5.6.0 and/or
glibc-2.2 - and/or half a trillion other things causes problems for us.

Come to think of it, there are two.

I _think_, bug number one has something to do with a library being
included from a library you've included (transitive includes) not
compiling. It will certainly cause perl to give a compilation error - and
will then cause perl to dump core!

The second problem is a little more obscure. "Bizarre copy of hash in
aassign" - some bug in CGI, I think.

Both are bugs, both are annoying, but I can live with, and work around,
them, so I don't get too annoyed. Well, I settle down after a while,

That is, of course, different to your problem where it is dying with
perfectly valid program and input.

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