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Sam Couter sam at
Thu Sep 6 15:31:57 EST 2001

Howard Lowndes <lannet at> wrote:
> What is strange is that when box C freezes I can still switch to all of
> the boxes, but when I switch to box C there is, not unreasonably, a blank
> screen.  However if I do a Ctrl-Alt-Del in this position (box C) then it
> causes box D to reboot.

El cheapo switch box, which doesn't switch right when the keyboard
controller on box C is frozen, or when box C doesn't output a video signal?

> I first thought it might be cross talk in the switch box, but that doesn't
> explain why it works OK when box C is working OK.  My only other idea is
> that somehow the signal is migrating to box D over the DMZ network.
> (After thought - there is a cron job which ssh's between these two boxes
> regularly)

Keyboard scancodes don't migrate across networks. If box D is rebooting,
then either you've configured init on box C to cause it to ssh to box D and
reboot it (unlikely), or you've really sent the Ctrl-Alt-Del sequence to box
D. Since your switch box is in charge of that, I'd point the finger squarely
at the switch box.
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