Netgear MA301 and Orinoco Silver Querey

Tomasz Ciolek tmc at
Sun Sep 2 23:21:29 EST 2001

 Check if the schipset on your PCMCIA->PCI adapter is listes as supported under linux/pcmcia-cs

 Latest versions might have the support you need... If all else fails look for ISA -> PCMCIA stuff, Its mostly supported and solid.

 Tomasz Ciolek
On Sun, Sep 02, 2001 at 10:29:31PM +1000, Richard Howlett wrote:
> > > Have just tried to get a Netgear MA301 PCI -> PCMCIA adater to work with
> > > an Orinoco Silver card.
> Is the controller itself detected and it runs correctly under your kernel?
>  was under the impression that a LOT oc contollers in the PCI->PCMCIA format
> that are found as PCI plugin boards as opposed to laptops have trouble under
> linux, for various reasons.
>  I am attempting to install the card into a windows 98 box before attempting
> linux.
> When the card is installed, after powerup the card is detected as a PCI
> network adapter. Following the usual procedure
> of pointing to where the drivers are everything does what you would expect,
> requires the obligitory restart with no errors
> reported. On examination of device manager not operational .. error 10.
> Also if the utility for the ma310 is installed it runs at startup but does
> nothing (but remains in task manager)
> This happens either with or without the oirinoco card installed in the slot.
> Does the orinoco card work  fine in a laptop?
> It does work fine. Have also tried a friends Cabletron Roamabout (I think
> they are orinoco clones)
> Thanks for repying, I'm trying to assertain if the device is faulty which
> I'm starting to consider.
> Richard
> Regards
> Tomasz Ciolek
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