Libc6 malloc bites?

Tim Potter tpot at
Sat Sep 1 11:07:52 EST 2001

jeremy at writes:

> >> Am I correct in thinking that this is malloc from libc causing the
> >> trouble?  Is there a chance that going forwards or backwards a
> >> version will help?
> > 
> > It could equally be a problem with the Perl you are running.  If
> > malloc is passed a bad pointer, there is little it can do to avoid
> > eating out its own entrails and dumping core.
> OK, cool.  Can you tell me how I could check to see if malloc is being
> passed a bad pointer?
> I don't really mind what I file a bug report against, just that the
> problem gets duly noted.

If you can boil the problem down to a small reproducible test
case you can probably post it to comp.lang.perl.something and
someone will probably notice it.  Or failing that some perl
devel list will do.

A few years ago I thought up a really hairy regular expression
that crashed perl, posted it to clpm and it was fixed in a couple
of hours!


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