Getting X going using Win32

Dale Shaw DShaw at
Sun Dec 30 10:03:06 EST 2001

I just installed this and had a play. Didn't have any trouble setting it
up; I think if you try..
export DISPLAY= may have more success.
(hoping this doesn't come through as HTML :-/)
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From: Donovan J. Edye 
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Subject: Getting X going using Win32

	I am following the instructions detailed in APC Issue 277 Jan
2002 article
	“Windows Onto Linux”. I have downloaded and installed WinAxe and
have logged
	in to my Linux box with the same username and password I use on
my Win2K
	box. I have exported the Display variable as detailed but when I
type the
	following at the linux box shell prompt I get:
	donovan at moe:~$ export DISPLAY=
	donovan at moe:~$ gnome-terminal
	Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:
	My setup is as follows:
	Linux Box:
	Win2K Box:
	WinAxe running as described in article
	Anybody got some pointers for me?
	-- Donovan

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