Getting X going using Win32

Donovan J. Edye d.edye at
Sat Dec 29 16:54:40 EST 2001


I am following the instructions detailed in APC Issue 277 Jan 2002 article
“Windows Onto Linux”. I have downloaded and installed WinAxe and have logged
in to my Linux box with the same username and password I use on my Win2K
box. I have exported the Display variable as detailed but when I type the
following at the linux box shell prompt I get:

donovan at moe:~$ export DISPLAY=
donovan at moe:~$ gnome-terminal

Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:

My setup is as follows:

Linux Box:

Win2K Box:
WinAxe running as described in article

Anybody got some pointers for me?


-- Donovan
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