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Damien Elmes resolve at
Tue Dec 25 00:58:44 EST 2001

Rasjid Wilcox <rasjidw at> writes:

> I'm becoming less and less impressed with APC and its new 'glossy' format.  
> I'm looking for a Linux replacement.
> Can anyone suggest some Linux mags that are worth looking at?
> I had a look at a friends copy of 'Linux Format' from the UK.  It looked okay.
> There is also 'Linux Magazine' (which as far as I can tell has a UK and US 
> version, but not a Aust version).
> Also there is Linux Journal.
> Are there any others that I should be aware of?

i gave up the magazines a while ago. they're great while you're still
learning the basics but i can't justify spending money on them,
complete with all the ads, when i can get better content online for
free :-)

if you're after the whole community thing, like letters to the editor,
etc, then:


are good choices.

Cheers (oh, and Merry Christmas!)

Damien Elmes
resolve at

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