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asmith at asmith at
Tue Dec 25 00:26:18 EST 2001


I have a subscription to Linux Format (DVD edition)
"" and
Linux Magazine ""
The recent change to DVD's by Linux Format and their intention to have at
least one distribution on each disc is quite good.  It was  Mandrake 8.2 last
month.  If you don't get enough from the URL's I would be happy to scan an
contents page, etc if anyone wanted more.  I don't want to break copyright
rules but just want to help.

Andrew in Edinburgh

On Mon, 24 Dec 2001, Rasjid Wilcox wrote:

I'm becoming less and less impressed with APC and its new 'glossy' format.
I'm looking for a Linux replacement.

Can anyone suggest some Linux mags that are worth looking at?

I had a look at a friends copy of 'Linux Format' from the UK.  It looked okay.

There is also 'Linux Magazine' (which as far as I can tell has a UK and US
version, but not a Aust version).

Also there is Linux Journal.

Are there any others that I should be aware of?



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