apple airport 2 contains

Steven Hanley sjh at
Thu Dec 20 18:00:07 EST 2001

After we pulled the new airport 2 apart this was found inside.

Main cpu XPC855TZP80D4 (ppc) also says 3K2A Made Week 39 01
Ram MT 48LC2M32B2 - 6 D (probably 2 MB x 4)
PHY Chips BCM5221A4KPT Broadcom  (2 ethernet interfaces)
Flash Intel TE28F160

Modem Conexant  L2800-38 (probably same binary only crap as in new apple laptops)
A dirty great big heatsink attached to the board which weighs more than
anything else.

An apple airport wireless card, and a rather unusual antenna configuration
ontop of the unit (inside the plastic shell)

Unfortunately wont run the existing linux on airport setup, and I suspect
the modem will never work on linux, however the rest may be able to run linux
with some effort.

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TSG at DCS - Australian National University

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