End of year CLUG BBQ

Simon Cousins simon at simoncousins.com
Wed Dec 19 22:35:12 EST 2001

> www.ubid.com has them regularly for $70 US -- huge lots as well (100
> more cards, so the price is pretty stable. The only catch is that you
> a US shipping address (which I can arrange through work), and a credit
> card with a US billing address -- which I had troubles sorting out.

I've been happily buying CDs off half.com for a year, with a "US credit
card" (yeah right).  All I did was register my good old Aussie CC with
my correct local street address, with a real USA city and zip code.  The
system (I guess) checks street address for veracity and ignores the
city/zip and context.

Give it a try.  Use New York City NY 10014 (down in the Village! :-)


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