Laptop purchase in Canberra

Grant Morphett grant at
Wed Dec 19 17:31:06 EST 2001

I have just been ringing around looking for the lowest spec machine (with 256Meg
RAM) I could find for a friend (they're paying!).  They are going to run Windows
BUT the best deal I found was from AGN because they will sell the machine without
any OS - not sure if anyone else will and even if they do this was a good buy. 
Anyway here are the specs for those thinking of a last minute christmas splurge
(albeit a big one).

Celeron 900
14.1TFT 1024x768
10G HDD ($150 extra for a 20G one)
256Meg RAM
Inbuild Modem and Network card (could be win modem - no idea)

Price $2199

Thought that was pretty good.


Grant Morphett
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