ADV: Multi Million Dollar Business Opportunity has come to Australia

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Wed Dec 12 15:17:26 EST 2001

Dear Dennis,

Wow! What a fantastic opportunity! I can barely believe my luck. And just to
show you how appreciative I am of receiving your unsolicited shotgun
advertisement, I am going to include this email address, and the other two I got
from your site on every single  banal message and mindless piece of drivel I
send via email for the rest of my life. And then, I'm going to contact your web
host and ask if they can please encourage all their customers to blindly spew
crud across the globe to anyone and everyone. What a fantastic opportunity for

Warmest Regards,
Ben Westgarth

Dennis Porter <cr at> on 12/12/2001 14:00:34

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Subject:  ADV: Multi Million Dollar Business Opportunity has come to Australia

Good day!

Would you like to earn an additional $100,000 a year and more, part time?
USA DIRECT WORLDWIDE invites you to review our complete turnkey
International Marketing Plan.

Our company, already successful in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong,
Japan, and Taiwan, now offers you the "Once in a Lifetime Opportunity" to
benefit from our business launch opening in Australia.

This is not a get-rich-quick money making scheme, but a genuine business
Please click to find out more:

Warmest Regards,

Dennis Porter
Director of International Development

Should you not wish to be contacted at this email address again, please click
this link:

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