Problem with Bash

antony at antony at
Wed Dec 12 15:01:50 EST 2001

Seems to work as expected on Solaris 8 and Lynx 2.3

bash$ uname -a
LynxOS tgh134 2.3.0 i386
bash$ touch A a B b C c
bash$ ls [a-z]*
a       b       c

bash-2.03$ uname -a
SunOS tgh019 5.8 Generic i86pc i386 i86pc
bash-2.03$ touch A a B b C c
bash-2.03$ ls [a-z]*
a  b  c

>>I feel stupid asking this but I can't see why bash (RH 7.2) is ignoring case 
>>in regular expressions.  For example
>>~/tmp 38>touch A B C D a b c d
>>~/tmp 39>ls
>>a  A  b  B  c  C  d  D
>>~/tmp 40>ls [a-z]*
>>a  A  b  B  c  C  d  D
> what does [a-zA-Z]* give you?

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