Christmas BBQ?

Steven Hanley sjh at
Tue Dec 11 16:22:36 EST 2001


It is time I suppose to discuss the christmas BBQ.

Traditionally around Christmas the 4th thursday in the month is inconvenient,
and heck we want to get out of the CS building for a BBQ or similar at least
once a year. So there is a BBQ at someone's house.

Tridge has moved house and was keen for a while on welcoming peole to his new
house and new BBQ for this event, alas he will be busy and out of town a fair
bit in the coming weeks and thus unable to host the event.

I was thinking a good date would be Sunday 23rd December, however I do not
have a definite venue.

So I suppose I am wondering if people have suggestions or would volunteer.

The idea as always is to keep it informal, and for this event at least network
connectivity is not a requirement.

As a last resort there are BBQ's at ANU just outside the CS Department that we
could use, but as mentioned above, an escape from the area once a year is a
good change.

        See You

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