Solved: Linux dies at 6am....

John Griffiths john at
Fri Dec 7 08:40:23 EST 2001

At 08:32 AM 12/7/01 +1100, James Macnicol wrote:
>	Thanks to everyone who replied, especially those who pointed
>out that cron.daily is run around the time I noticed the machine died.
>This was exactly what I needed.  I had a look at the things that
>cron.daily did and noticed that some of them took a fair amount of
>time, my guess was that there were some things there that were
>traversing the entire filesystem; probably all filesystems.  It then
>occured to me that I was mounting my W2K partition (read-only) and the
>Linux NTFS driver is a piece of cr at p and that the reason the system
>was locking up was a cron job that was going through the mouted
>filesystem was enough to cause the NTFS driver to lock up the
>kernel....  So I unmounted that filesystem before I left the machine
>last night and it's still up this morning.  This isn't an acceptable
>solution given I need access to the data on there but I should be able
>to figure out pretty easily how to stop whatever cron job it is from
>touching that partition.

or cron a umount on that parition for 0620 and 
cron another remount for that paritiion for 0730

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