Linux dies at 6am....

Gordon Deane Gordon.Deane at
Thu Dec 6 10:56:43 EST 2001

Another data point:

I have an Asus A7V m/b with a K7-thunderbird 750.  It works fine with 2.2
kernels and even old 2.4, but freezes under load with 2.4.9.  The freezing got
worse under 2.4.14, so that encoding oggs brings it down within an hour or so.

I haven't got time to chase it, but I am relieved to find that others have
similar problems, thereby suggesting kernel problems rather than hardware

There are other factors including my sound card, which is not supported in 2.2

Stephen Gibson wrote:
> James,
>        What system/motherboard are you running?
> My AMD 1.4GHz MSI K7T266 Pro has the same problem, although I cannot
> confirm the 6am crash time. Some 2.4.x kernels are worse than others,
> the 2.4.16 kernel is particularly bad. However, the default
> RH7.2 2.4.7-10 is fine.   In my particular, case this may
> be something to do with the SouthBridge, which is not recognised
> in the 2.4.7-10 kernel:
> I have experienced no problems with an AMD 1.2 GHz/Epox system or other
> systems running 2.4.x kernels.

> >       This is a weird one.  I have a machine here (running Debian
> > and recent 2.4.x kernels) which will not stay up overnight: when I

Debian runs cron.daily at 6:25 in Potato; this involves a lot of HD load, and
would just be coming in ahead of the next 20-minute -- MARK -- at 6:30.

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