Linux dies at 6am....

Alex Satrapa alex at
Thu Dec 6 10:54:47 EST 2001

On Thursday, December 6, 2001, at 09:24 , Stephen Gibson wrote:

> My AMD 1.4GHz MSI K7T266 Pro has the same problem ...

> In the past I have been able to induce a crash by placing the HD under 
> heavy
> load.

06:25 is the default time for the Debian GNU/Linux daily cron jobs to 
run. If nothing else puts the system under heavy I/O load, the daily 
cron jobs will - especially logrotate.

The --MARK-- messages are written every 20 minutes by default.

So if the last one James saw was at 06:10, the next one should have been 
written at 06:30, 5 minutes after the daily cron jobs started. That's 
more than enough time for things to get up to speed.

When trying to "debug" hardware problems in the past, I've found it 
useful to prevent the console from blanking. The "modern" way to do this 
is probably to install the console-tools package and use "setvesablank 
--blanking=off" (I used to just sit in front of the machine and hit the 
shift key a couple of times every few minutes - dumb but effective).

Then either wait for the daily cron jobs to run again, or set them off 
manually. Launch all the scripts, then sit back and wait for the kernel 
oops :)

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