Linux dies at 6am....

James Macnicol jamesm at
Thu Dec 6 08:56:25 EST 2001

	This is a weird one.  I have a machine here (running Debian
and recent 2.4.x kernels) which will not stay up overnight: when I
look at it in the morning it's completely frozen (no life from
console, can't ping).  The last entry in /var/log/messages is a "--
MARK --" which occurs around 6:10am and this is consistent across the
four or so times I've seen it.  This can't be a hardware problem
because this occurs when running native or inside a VMWare virtual
machine (Win2K host which does stay up....).  Has anyone heard of such
a problem or have any ideas how to debug it?


James Macnicol
j-macnicol at

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