Problems with kdeinit

Jan-Yun Lou loujanyun at
Tue Dec 4 23:22:21 EST 2001


First, I just wanted to introduce myself as I just
joined the list.

Secondly, I was wondering if I could ask a question
about kmail.  I am using Red Hat 7.2.  I start up
kmail and check my email.  It is OK the first time I
check my email.  However if I get it to check my email
again, it is unable to.  It does not give me an error
message but it doesn't download any emails either when
I know that there is some of the server.  At the same
time, top shows that a process called kdeinit starts
taking up 80-90% of my CPU time.  If I then kill
kdeinit, then immediately afterwards get kmail to
check my email I am able to retrieve my email. 
Sometimes when I kill kdeinit I get the following
error message:

"The process for the pop3://
protocol died unexpectedly."

Any advice on how to fix this problem would be most
welcome (as I can't seem to find anything on the net
about this).


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