Problem with kdeinit

uiler uiler uiler_1 at
Tue Dec 4 22:24:01 EST 2001


Just wanted to introduce myself here as I have just
joined the list.

I was wondering if I could ask a question.  I am
currently running Gnome 1.4 in Red Hat 7.2 using kmail
as my email client.  Now, everything seems to be fine
until it tries to check for email.  A process called
kdeinit starts using up to 80-90% of my processor
(according to top) and kmail can't retrieve the email.
 Well it doesn't give me an error message but
immediately after I kill the kdeinit process it
retrieves the email fine whilst before you could click
on the button to check mail ten times and it still
doesn't do anything.  I am fairly sure this has
something to do with kmail trying to retrieve email. 
Firstly because of the circumstantial evidence above
and secondly because once when I killed the process
kmail gave me an error message saying something like a
process trying to retrieve email from has been killed (sorry for the
vague wording there but that's only happened once and
I can't seem to reproduce that dialog box).

I was wondering if anyone knew what was going on?  I
think kdeinit is used to start KDE programs so it
would make sense I suppose for it to kick into gear
when kmail attempts to download email but why does it
hang like that and is there a way to fix it?


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