Information requested

Jeremy jeremy at
Mon Dec 3 14:20:32 EST 2001

Collette Barton writes:

> If this mail is received successfully could someone provide a phone
> contact where I can speak to someone re information on linus users group
> before I commit myself or my son to joining.

Even if someone volunteers a number you should know that there is no formal
club, no president, no secretary, no fees, no obligations (except for the
rule about making fun of Microsoft).  There is definately no commitment,
and you can't join because there is nothing to join.  

The totality of the CLUG seems to be a mailing list and a once-monthly
event where we turn up and eat pizza.

Posting to the mailing list is pretty much the only visible sign of CLUG
membership, so it looks like you're in already :)

If you are looking for a more formal group the PC users group (PCUG) may be
more to your liking.

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