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Neil Pickford neilp at
Sun Dec 2 23:40:42 EST 2001

I am using domain and if I had the real static IP numbers
and ran a lower level DNS I could subdomain is an id domain for those in the region of Canberra (SE NSW)
so lookup their site to get the full rules.

Policy for the EMU.ID.AU domain

  1.Entries available to non-organisational users personal systems 
    in the ACT and SE NSW region in Australia 
  2.No charge will be levied at present (may change) 
  3.Will not provide mail alias functions for people whose accounts 
    are on a large multi-user system. 

You need to get a live system set up and then tell the emu admin 
your DNS entries.  They don't like fooling around with them too 
often as it is a free service so you need to come up with a plan 
and stick to it.

Neil Pickford
mailto:neilp at

Peter Foley wrote:
> Hello all,
> Does anyone know of any other sites that are providing a similar service to
> and domain?
> Peter.

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