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Damien Elmes resolve at
Sun Dec 2 19:16:19 EST 2001

Drake Diedrich <dld at> writes:

> was the original "permancy" service.  I think they charged $100
> USD for lifetime email forwarding ~10 years ago, and had other services such
> as DNS.  It's now $15 USD annually, but they're still in business.
>    Some of the dynamic DNS services also offer mail/web/static DNS/etc
> services to people who pay/pay more.  Still quite reasonable compared to
> paying for your own domain.  I used briefly (and liked them) -
> they offer basic services free, and extra services (like static DNS domain
> delegation, web redirection) to contributors.  contributions are small
> (onetime - minimum $10, $30 for full static service).
> is a similar, but completely different group (company
> actually).

i quite like i picked up this domain "" a few
years back, when the christmas islands registry were giving out free
domains to open source developers (and my humble offerings qualified).
they subsequently went into receivership and a new company took over,
but one of the old techs there was kind enough to credit my account
for 5 years before he left, and the new company has said they'll
honour all existing records. :-)

anyway, i use to use my domain like a dynamic DNS
service. they redirect all my mail to my ISP's account, but it means i
can ssh home by just typing "". and it's free.


Damien Elmes
resolve at

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