Information on and domain

Peter Foley pjfoley at
Sun Dec 2 12:27:35 EST 2001

Hello all,

Does anyone know of any other sites that are providing a similar service to and domain?

After noticing that a couple of posters have been using a sub-domain hanging
off these sites namely Andrew and Peter, I decided to check out the web

Taken from the website:

" The main purpose of the zone (and also within it), is
to enable individuals to register domain names which may remain constant
over a long period of time (eg: 5-10 years).
The domain (and the individuals' E-mail address within it) should still be
useable without change even if individuals change network providers (ISPs),
use a different machine for Internet access, change jobs, or move interstate
(or even overseas, if they choose to retain an Australian identity). "

Does anyone know of any other domains that provide a similar service? or
information on how good the service is at  Yes I know that I
could go and register my own top level domain but I guess I am just to lazy
to worry about it =p.


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