Minimum Specs for Smoothwall

Sam Couter sam at
Sun Dec 2 11:05:17 EST 2001

Karun Dambiec <karun at> wrote:
> If its dedicated to only a single task, such as routing/nat, it won't
> require a large amount of ram. Most routers e.g Cisco 2500's etc, only have
> 8mb of ram or less. The cisco base adsl routers have a 486 cpu and 2mb of
> ram

Cisco have sunk to using Intel CPUs instead of Motorola? Very sad.

Anyway... I have a friend who used to run a 486 with only 8Mb of RAM as
his masquerading firewall. That machine had no swap space either. He had
a limit on the number of ipfwadm [it was a while ago...] rules he could
use, but apart from that it worked fine.

Except that he couldn't upgrade it, because RPM [like I said, it was a
while ago...] wanted more than 8Mb of RAM to unpack the new software.
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