Minimum Specs for Smoothwall

Karun Dambiec karun at
Sun Dec 2 00:56:15 EST 2001

> The smoothwall box I have connected to transact is also a dx4/100. It
> only has 8 meg of ram, though :-) 80 meg of swap. It currently masquerades
> 5 boxes.
> At some stage all of my machines will rotate one-to-the right and I'll
> have a beefier box there, but ATM, it's doing fine. In its previous
> install it was an ad-hoc redhattish system which ran my modem for a couple
> of years.

If its dedicated to only a single task, such as routing/nat, it won't
require a large amount of ram. Most routers e.g Cisco 2500's etc, only have
8mb of ram or less. The cisco base adsl routers have a 486 cpu and 2mb of


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