XFree86 4.1.0, Radeon VE unresolved symbols

Mark Hummel mhummel at pcug.org.au
Fri Aug 31 00:46:22 EST 2001


The problem I'm having appears to be a bit of chestnut, but the solutions
described seemed to assume the existence of a configuration file, when I
am in fact trying to write one. 

Problems with unresolved symbols begin from "VMware Guest X Server
10.4.0" in the output from XFree86 -configure. The modules that cannot
be resolved included vgaHwSetStdFuncs, etc. I have the radeon drm driver
(from kernel version 2.4.2) loaded as a module. I thought perhaps
something was missing, but the resolution errors don't suggest anything

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to resolve this problem? 

Help much appreciated, 


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