nyetworking in 2.4

Mark Hummel mhummel at pcug.org.au
Fri Aug 31 00:39:45 EST 2001

Thanks to Bob and everyone who replied..

The status at the moment is that network wise, everything appears to be
working. The annoying things is I don't understand why it wasn't before. 
The only thing I have observed is that on the switch the "100" light,
was not on when it wasn't working. Of course, that just raises more
questions about why. 

It all appears to be reproducably working now (first go, too). I can only
think that some step was ommitted (or one inadvertantly added) on one of
the machines. 

For completeness, I have answered a few questions: 
The switch has an IP address of (says the manual, and you can
telnet to it). Questions of switch configuration were raised, but I had a
10 base hub also to test with. 



On Mon, 27 Aug 2001, Bob Edwards wrote:

> A couple of comments:
>  1) are you sure that your switch has an IP address set that can be ping'd
> 	from any (switch) interface?
>  2) about your point 2. (below), the first packet to be sent down the
> 	interface will be the ARP request (as evidenced in your tcpdump),
> 	not the ICMP request (ping) packet. This is if you don't have a
> 	static entry in your ARP table for your switch (unlikely).
>  3) about your point 3. (below), if you are using a switch, then you no
> 	longer will be able to see all packets on the network - only
> 	broadcast packets. The switch filters all other packets to only
> 	the destination machine (that's why we use them).
> Looks to me like your linux machine is set up correctly, but that your
> switch is not configured for that IP address. What makes you think it is?
> Can you ping the switch from any other machine?
> Cheers,
> Bob Edwards.

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