rpm auto update

Peter Enseleit pencil8 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 30 11:37:35 EST 2001

>From: simonb at webone.com.au

>hi all,
>just trying to use the bandwidth
>that i pay for:
>anyone had any luck with
>automatic rpm update programs (i use RH7.1)?
>i c freshmeat has a few of these.
>One of them needs updates.redhat.com
>which i gather costs money now.
>simon b

Redhat Network allows you to have one free account - they call it a trial , 
but I've never seen a time limit to it or been told my time is up and I've 
used it for at least 6-8 months.

Go to www.redhat.com/network to sign up.
Then run rhn_register at the command line to register your machine.
Then run up2date to kep your machine up2date with the latest rpms.

Maybe it's not as good as Debian's system, but I'm happy with it.


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