Telnet error

Richard Cottrill richard_c at
Thu Aug 30 00:39:09 EST 2001

Zmodem is a protocol for sending data over simple modem connections. Is this
related to your problem with telnet? Telnet uses TCP/IP and is therefore
incompatible with using Zmodem at a fundamental level. What are you trying
to do?

Your questions are not clear. You haven't said what systems you're using nor
what you're trying to achieve. My best answers to your questions are:

1. RTFM (start with 'man -k rz').
2. yes (if you're talking about the zmodem monopolising the modem).
3. Why do you think I can read your mind? Maybe I can sense your system from
here if I use my Jedi mind powers... Reading a blank.


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 HI All,
 How do I transfer a file using ZMODEM(sz and rz)
 1. Do I need to specify the port?
 2. Does it takes it by itself?
 3. What other configuration should I do?

 Any comments on this is appreciated

 Regards and Thanks

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