NV binary drivers (still is Help PLZ)

Sam Couter sam at topic.com.au
Tue Aug 28 22:25:34 EST 2001

jeremy at itassist.net.au <jeremy at itassist.net.au> wrote:
> The bizarre thing is that I can get it all to work again by removing and
> reinstalling the generated Debian nv packages.  I guess this points to
> an on the fly change to the kernel, but what is it, and how could I find
> out?
> Any X people out there know what's going on?  I'll do it again and post
> the logs if anyone cares enough..

I know this!

You're using devfs. When the package is installed, it creates /dev/nvidiactl
and /dev/nvidia{0,1,2,3}. When you reboot, they go away.

I fixed it on my system by patching the kernel module to support devfs and
configuring devfsd appropriately.

It seems that the version of the package in unstable at the moment already
configures these things for you... Not sure how long that's been going on.
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