which card is which (eth0 and eth1)

Crossfire xfire at xware.cx
Tue Aug 28 21:52:44 EST 2001

Damien Elmes was once rumoured to have said:
> Steven Hanley <sjh at svana.org> writes:
>> I am wondering if anyone knows if there is some solution for
>> this. If you have two identical ethernet cards (in this case
>> eepro100's) when you load the module for them they both get
>> recognised. However the order in which they are initialised can
>> change. Ie one time one gets eth0 the next time that same card gets
>> eth1.
> the order should change which eth interface is allocated:

And he's already said this.
> modprobe wd io=0x280,0x300 irq=3,5
> (i'm not sure if those io ranges conflict, it's spoofed - i've never
> had a problem with cards being autodectected in a different orde)

And, of course, being PCI, you can't specify resource addresses.

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