NV binary drivers (still is Help PLZ)

jeremy at itassist.net.au jeremy at itassist.net.au
Tue Aug 28 19:43:25 EST 2001

It seems there are a few people on the list who know something about the
NV drivers, so I have a question for you.

Running Debian woody I used the nice provided packages to download,
compile and install the NV binaries.

They work fine and I have a great time until I restart the system
(usually a week later).  Then the screen flickers a few times until init
kills off GDM for respawning too fast.

NVdriver isn't loaded.  I can force it into memory, but the same thing
happens.  X spews some garbage I don't understand about the graphics

The bizarre thing is that I can get it all to work again by removing and
reinstalling the generated Debian nv packages.  I guess this points to
an on the fly change to the kernel, but what is it, and how could I find

Any X people out there know what's going on?  I'll do it again and post
the logs if anyone cares enough..

> DRI and agpgart amplifies this quite a bit. mga+dri would die after a
> few X restarts, and the binary nv drivers i'm told do the same thing.
> i haven't had a single problem with the open source nv driver so far,
> and mga without dri has run well too.
> cheers!

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It's off to disk I go,
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