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Damien Elmes resolve at
Tue Aug 28 19:28:11 EST 2001

jeremy at writes:

> > 
> > I havn't had the kernel oops on me in a very long time. What were you doing?
> Running X.  X is capable of blowing _the_ _entire_ _system_ out of the
> water, and XFree 4 did it to me a number of times, on simple things
> (like trying to display a huge string in a window)

DRI and agpgart amplifies this quite a bit. mga+dri would die after a
few X restarts, and the binary nv drivers i'm told do the same thing.
i haven't had a single problem with the open source nv driver so far,
and mga without dri has run well too.


Damien Elmes
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