linux pdf creator ?

Matthew Hawkins matthew at
Tue Aug 28 17:10:11 EST 2001

On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Some Idiot wrote:
> I actually have a third-hand shell script that wraps around dvipdf to
> create fonts in the pdf file that read much nicer on Microsoft Windows
> and MacOS (the default in dvipdf is really shite).  I'll see if I can
> distribute it if anyone cares.

I don't like the license it's under, but at least it permits
redistribution ;)  Found it's home page on the internet (thanks google!)

berlios has a familiar-looking developer site ;-)

The script itself lets you set a few options, like the colours for
hyperlinks & citations, paper size, overriding the document title and
author; it also handles latex's irritating behaviour of needing to be
run multiple times to update page numbering etc.  Naturally pdflatex is
used to create the output.


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