linux pdf creator ?

Matthew Hawkins matthew at
Tue Aug 28 15:37:41 EST 2001

On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Jerry Cashman wrote:
> Is there a toolset for creating PDF files on Linux (rh) ?


My personal method is to write tex in vim, have latex create dvi files
and then use dvipdf.  I actually have a third-hand shell script that
wraps around dvipdf to create fonts in the pdf file that read much nicer
on Microsoft Windows and MacOS (the default in dvipdf is really shite).
I'll see if I can distribute it if anyone cares.

Tex was actually pretty straightforward to learn, I just grabbed some
tutorials off the 'net but there's books and stuff too.  Some people may
prefer using lyx or similar frontend that obfuscates the guts of it
though.  Whatever floats your boat.

While on the subject of tex and pdf, take a look at pdfscreen (it's a
Debian package (unstable dist iirc)).  I've often pondered about the
best way to go about doing a MS-Powerpoint type presentation, and this
looks pretty sweet to me.


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