networking ( was old ZIP drive?)

Paul Warren s3292467 at
Mon Aug 27 22:11:28 EST 2001

apologies if this is a bit off topic.

tried three different cards in the win ME box,
finally got an At/Lantic NE2000 clone to work using the
novell/anthem ne2000 driver. 

but still no joy, can't ping linux box  from ME or 
ME from linux :o(

but can ping the windows interface from ME
ie, ping works from windows, but
ping does not.

so are these settings correct/consistent?
windows box IP :
linux box IP    :
netmask(IPMASK in ME) :

and i'm using a crossover cable.( no money for a hub as yet)
other thing is ME doesn't want to know about a 
broadcast address.

email me back if you want more info.


Paul Warren
s3292467 at

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