ABC Radio and Linux's birthday.

Matthew Gibbins mgibbins at
Mon Aug 27 18:10:46 EST 2001

Hi folks,
  Just discovered where the ABC was to cover the 10th birthday of Linux. 
  It was broadcast on _The Buzz_ at 1:00pm today. 
  A transcript and streaming audio will be available next week for those 
  who missed the program.
  It was surprisingly well done. The interviewer let Danny Yee, and some 
  bloke from SLUG explain Linux and it's licensing implications for the layman. 
  Though Richard Stallman would be disappointed to know he and GNU weren't 
 I'm not advocating that anyone take up emacs. Not even me: at my age, I'd be more likely to try bungee-jumping. It's easier, and has less risk of causing permanent brain damage.
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