GPL'd XServer for Windows

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at
Sat Aug 25 17:19:15 EST 2001

Rasjid wrote:
> Anyone wanting to have a look at a little project of mine, please visit

I am playing with it for a little while now, and mostly everything is
just fine.

However, there is one strange thing. When it comes up, it starts my
xterm's (as my .xinitrc issues) but then pops up an 'xlogin' screen
that says "This is an unsecure session" asking for a Login/Password.
If I enter these then the session is terminated and a new xdm login
screen comes up. If I minimse the xlogin and forget about it then I
can use the session just fine.

Whare am I misconfigured?

And while I have this audience, how can my .xinitrc identify where I
connect from? I want a different startus setup. Is there some naming
rule (.xinitrc-0 etc.?) or should I simply interrogate $DISPLAY?

Eyal Lebedinsky (eyal at <>

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