old ZIP drive?

Paul Warren s3292467 at student.anu.edu.au
Fri Aug 24 17:24:41 EST 2001

hmm. I do have a few spare 10M cards that i picked up at a CLUG a few months ago  ;o)

> lets see, connecting a windows based computer to internet, that is a stupid
> thing to do, risky as hell and really you should have your head
> examined.

Not my head, My dad's head.  ;o)
he won't let me do IP-Masquerading so we can all share the connection.

 Hooking a netwrok up inside your house between two computers, well
> if one is windows, doesnt really matter.
>         See You
>             Steve
Paul Warren
s3292467 at student.anu.edu.au

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