in search of: mac floppy drive or cd-rom

Bill Clarke llib at
Fri Aug 24 11:54:17 EST 2001

yo all,

not completely relevant to this list, but i'm hoping someone can help me.

i was attempting to set my dad's computer up for da internet the other 
day; it's a work-surplus Mac LC III that i later realised does not have:
- dial up software, or
- a floppy drive! (someone's removed it) [1]
(and LC IIIs don't have CD-ROM drives)

does anyone have:
- an internal floppy drive
- an external floppy drive
- an external CD-rom
which is suitable for said Mac, and which i can have/borrow/buy ?  even 
another Mac altogether may be appropriate!

if i'm not succesful in this, i think i may try and find a 2nd-hand 
pentium for him.  he doesn't require a Mac; it's just he's got this one 
on hand.

[1] i only realised it didn't have a floppy drive when i tried to insert 
a disk into the hole and it slid down to the back of the case (no 
satisfying clunking sound)!  fortunately the case is easy to open so i 
could remove the disk and ensure the floppy drive wasn't there.

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