USB - almost

Arthur Chan achana at
Fri Aug 24 10:12:56 EST 2001

Hi VP's
On rebooting, Mandrake actually recognises the zip250 device.
dmesg shows this :

Vendor : IOMEGA     Model : Zip 250   Rev.:32.G
Type : Direct Access   ANSI SCSI revision: 02
SCISI device sdb: 489532 512byte hdwr sector (251MB)
sdb: write protect is off
WARNING: USB Mass storage data integrity not assured.
USB Mass storage device found at 2
USB Mass storage support registered.

However when I do "ls /mnt/zip250.0" it gives me an error message
"ls: /mnt/zip250.0: Input/output error"

Mind you, the drive whirls away with blinking lights gallantly but
yields up not its secret.


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