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Steven Hanley sjh at wibble.net
Fri Aug 24 09:21:21 EST 2001

On Thu, Aug 23, 2001 at 05:37:00PM +0100, Richard Cottrill wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Just a quick note because I'm curious. Is the RPC related stuff covered by
> any kind of copyright etc. I'm assuming that the answer relating to the
> Linux implementation is 'no'. I'm really wondering if there's any caveats in
> that assumption that spring the collective mind.
> While I'm at it, is there any way to combine java and RPC without resorting
> to JNI nastiness?


java has always had the RMI stuff (remote method invocation) or whatever, and
since 1.2 has had full CORBA ability built in, both of those will let you do
remote procedure calls.

Using RMI you can only do it to other java apps, using CORBA you can do it to
other almost anythings.

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