old ZIP drive?

Rasjid rasjidw at bigpond.com
Thu Aug 23 18:30:59 EST 2001

Paul Warren wrote:
> hmm, I'll see if i can con dad into letting me put a nic into his machine,
> it's running windows tho, isn't that a risky thing to be doing  ;o)

Don't worry, I've networked my Linux box with a windows machine, and it
didn't catch anything.  ;-)

> I thought about doing a PLIP link, but windows appears to have little or no support for this.

There are PLIP drivers for DOS, but as far as I know none for Windows. 
But I would suggest using network cards, as PLIP is *slow*.  My guess is
that there are people on this list that have old 10MB combo cards that
they would be happy to sell for a nominal fee or even give away.  I
certainly have some spare co-ax, but no spare cards yet, sorry :-(


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